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City of White Sulphur Springs

Water System Improvements Project
Whtie Sulphur Springs TANK
White Sulphur Spring WATER
White Sulphur Springs PIPE
The City of White Sulphur Springs’ existing treatment plant operated more than 19 hours per day, and the distribution system was losing more than 60% of the water the plant produced when they hired Ghosh Engineers to provide solutions to address these issues. The existing treatment plant was upgraded to increase capacity and efficiency; the existing wells cleaned, and pumps upgraded, SCADA system upgraded, new storage tank constructed, and lines, valves, and hydrants replaced. These improvements resulted in lower operational costs and increased efficiency of the treatment distribution system and reduced non-revenue water significantly.
  • Replaced miles of existing water lines and several inoperable valves and hydrants

  • Installed one 432,000-gallon tank

  • Installation and implementation of an automatic meter reading (AMR) system

  • The existing ground water treatment plant was upgraded from 700 to 1200 GPM

  • Two (2) existing wells were cleaned and refurbished and one (1) new well constructed

  • The new 600 GPM catalytic precipitator reactors were installed

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