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Meet The Team

The Ghosh name has been a staple in the water and wastewater industry since Paul started the company in 1982. He has been instrumental in the design, funding, and construction of countless utility infrastructure projects throughout West Virginia during his 48-year career. He is a thoughtful communicator, former college professor and has an extensive watch collection. In his semi-retirement, you’ll occasionally find him in the office as he enjoys working on small projects at Ghosh Engineers and the energy kicks up another notch when he brings his dog Luca.
At the helm, Kennon brings 23 years of experience in the design, construction and construction administration of water and wastewater systems. Specializing in collection and distribution systems, he is also responsible for the overall management of the company operations and is committed to providing our clients and communities with engineering excellence. A graduate of West Virginia Institute of Technology, he stays in tune to our Ghosh clients pretty much 7 days a week. Outside of that, he is a Marvel and DC comic fan (can you really be both?), has been on numerous mission trips with his church to Peru and Mexico and enjoys watching his kids perform on the soccer field and tennis court. The best days at Ghosh are when he brings in pastries, homemade by his daughter. She seriously has a future in it.
If you’ve ever been in Jeff’s office, you’ll marvel at how he can be so neat and organized while easily juggling multiple projects. That’s part his personality and part 30 years in the water and wastewater industry and it helps to have tunes cranking out from his boombox circa 1989. A graduate of West Virginia Institute of Technology, he is a recipient of the George W. Fuller award for his distinguished service to the water supply field and sound engineering skills and specializes in the design of water and wastewater treatment plants. Yes, he is married to our Office Manager, for 30 years in fact.  They have 2 sons - one a soccer mid-fielder and robotics enthusiast and one who is studying mechanical engineering at Marshall University.
Jim has worked on countless projects in his 45-year career, including 29 years with Ghosh. He is highly skilled in the production of Civil Engineering and Architectural drawings for the construction of Water and Wastewater Treatment systems. A graduate of West Virginia State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology, Jim was an All WVIAC second baseman in baseball and an All WVIAC Quarterback and Co-Captain in football for the Yellow Jackets. He is a member of the WVSU Sports Hall of Fame. Jim has an old-school, dedicated approach to his craft, with a keen attention to detail. Jim has instructed Kung Fu and Tai Chi since the mid-1980s and continues to teach Tai Chi with an emphasis on fall prevention, relaxation and health, yet still has time to complete the Honey-Do list at home.
Allen came on board in September 2019 with an energy like no other and brought with him 18 years of CAD design experience. With an Associate degree in Architectural CADD Technology from Triangle Tech in Pittsburgh, Allen serves as primary CAD Technician on water, wastewater, and stormwater system improvements. When Allen is not busy with home renovation projects or yard work, he enjoys traveling around the state to the various State Parks and trying his hand at amateur photography. As a side note, while serving aboard an aircraft carrier in the U.S. Navy, he had the privilege of seeing the Rolling Stones perform in Australia for their first time in 25 years.
Tom has vast knowledge and experience working in the water industry’s distribution field servicing customers, supervising peers, businesses, city and community government officials. He is a master at leading clients to successfully achieve their goals. He is a problem solver and always strives to find a better approach to job performance. Hired by the largest water utility company in West Virginia for an entry-level position in 1981, he worked his way through the ranks to become Construction Manager in 2017 by demonstrating that he does not back down from a challenge and was always willing to take on extra work and learn from it. He successfully managed $25M in construction projects each year before deciding to retire in 2021. He and his wife own a working farm. He loves his farm as much as he genuinely loves helping people out which is what brought him out of retirement in 2022 to work for Ghosh as a consultant on special projects.
James brings 20 years of experience in building, implementing, and managing GIS systems and technology solutions supporting the water and wastewater industry in both regulatory and operational environments. James earned a B.A. in Geography with an emphasis on GIS and Remote Sensing from West Virginia University in Morgantown where he was also a member of the WVU Marching Band and a Drumline Section Leader. This Eagle Scout went on to earn his MBA from Grantham University focusing on Project Management which has served him well in his prior role of managing the GIS business unit for the largest water utility in West Virginia and continues to serve him well in his current role at Ghosh. He enjoys spending time tending to his fish and vegetables in his aquaponics garden. If you’d like an explanation of his system, you can check it out here.
Alfonso is a 2022 graduate of West Virginia University in Morgantown with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. He wanted to get his “feet wet” in the water and wastewater industry and be able to dive right in and gain real work experience quickly. Being a smaller firm, Ghosh was a perfect fit. He’s ethical, hard-working and brings his co-workers delicious homemade Italian food. He’s an outdoorsman with a close-knit family and circle of friends. He enjoys watching and playing sports, especially football and basketball and is very involved in his church and community.
With over 20 years’ experience in the field of CAD, surveying, water and sewer design and construction inspection, Matt brings a vast knowledge of water and wastewater systems to the team and has worked on numerous projects during his time with Ghosh. Being a Class IV wastewater operator, he has seen both sides of the industry. Matt worked for Ghosh for almost 20 years before heading to the Dunbar Sanitary Board where he obtained his operator’s license and eventually became the General Manager of that system overseeing both collections and treatment for the Sanitary Board. We’re happy to have him back. In his spare time, you may find him on a trout stream as he enjoys fly fishing in the mountains of WV, or at a baseball field watching or coaching his youngest of his three sons. He also has a love for music and a widespread collection of classic and new vinyl albums. Like Jeff, he has music playing in his office any time he is in it.  He also enjoys traveling and trying his hand at amateur photography.
As our Project Representatives at construction sites, we hear from these guys more than we see them. Bob and Ernie have an outstanding 35 year career in construction management oversight and specialize in overseeing the construction of water and wastewater line work and treatment plants. Bryan has learned from the best, spent years in the trenches laying pipe, and gives clients an honest day’s work. Even though we don’t see them as often as we’d like, they have a very close relationship with our designers and are committed to honoring the integrity of the design and meticulously adhering to plans and specifications. Bob is a vintage car and watch collector, Ernie never sleeps and has turned work into his hobby, and when Bryan has spare type, he’s riding dirt bikes and he likes hanging out with friends at concerts and sporting events.
Karen is not only a graduate of Marshall University, but also a graduate of the Walt Disney World College Program after a summer internship working for The Walt Disney Company. Prior to joining Ghosh, she worked 20 years in the banking industry and understands the importance of a good client relationship. She will be the first to admit that her hobby for many years were her kids and their activities. Now that they are more independent, she has become slightly addicted to the Food Network and trying her hand at culinary dinner creations.
Team Mascot
Our teammate Howie loves showing off our Ghosh swag!
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