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White Sulphur Springs, WV

Phosphorous Removal
WWS Phosphorous
The City’s NPDES permit required them to meet lower limits on phosphorus in order to meet the designated use requirement of the Greenbrier River where the plant discharges. Ghosh Engineers was again hired to address this more stringent requirement and utilized the addition of tertiary filters along with a chemical addition in order to precipitate the phosphorous out of the effluent. Continuous backwash sand filters were installed in the existing tankage prior to the chlorine contact tank. Since the filters were placed online, the City has continuously been able to meet the phosphorous limit.
  • Phosphorous limits – April through October 0.5 mg/L average monthly; 1.0 mg/L maximum daily

  • Filters capable of treating 4.0 MGD; flows in excess are blended

  • Project partially funded through the Chesapeake Bay Grant

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