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Williamson Shriver Architects, WV

Calhoun Middle/High School WWTP Replacement
Calhoun County Replacement Photo
The existing 18,000 GPD treatment plant that served the Calhoun Middle/High School had reached the end of its useful life and was nearly inoperable. The plant effluent could not meet the discharge limits for BOD, TSS, and Ammonia as Nitrogen. With a declining population in the County, the existing plant was replaced with a new, smaller treatment facility capable of handling an average daily flow of 6,500 GPD and peak flow of 13,000 GPD.  The new treatment facility consisted of the conversion of the existing precast concrete extended aeration treatment plant into a clarifier, two (2) aeration tanks, and a flow equalization tank. A new packed bed media filter with a recirculation tank was added to replace the existing sand bed filters.
  • New treatment plant meets discharge limits of 5 mg/L of BOD, 30 mg/L of TSS, and 3.0 mg/l of Ammonia during the summer months, 6.0 mg/L during the winter months

  • Significantly lower Operations and Maintenance costs

  • No chemical addition for treatment

  • Modular construction allows for any necessary future expansion

  • Project completed during summer months to accommodate students

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