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Tomblinson Public Service District

Water System Improvements Project 
Tomlinson PSD WSI (2020-21)
Ghosh Engineers was again hired for their next project which consisted of hydraulically combining two (2) water distribution systems (Tomlinson and Grant PSDs) while utilizing two (2) water sources to feed the respective systems. The current team of engineers evaluated the existing hydraulic conditions of each water system and developed a plan that would allow both systems to be connected to provide water to the other system in the event of loss of water source. Construction is complete for 7.22 miles of new waterlines, 1 water storage tank and 1 new booster station.
  • 7.22 Miles of New 2”, 4”, 6” And 8”  Waterlines

  • 250,000-Gallon Water Storage Tank

  • New Booster Station

  • Two (2) Booster Station Upgrades

  • 22 New Customers

REPEAT CLIENT SATISFACTION: Ghosh Engineers has worked with the PSD since 2003.  This project is Phase I.  Phase II is the New Water Treatment Plant, which Ghosh will provide the design and construction services.

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