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Hancock County Public Service District

US 30 Sanitary Sewer Extension Project
Hancock County PSD
Hancock County PSD
Ghosh Engineers provided planning, design, bidding and construction phase services for Hancock County Public Service District to extend their existing wastewater collection system to provide service to 165 customers in communities located along US Route 30 to the West Virginia-Pennsylvania border. The extension consisted of approximately 35,000 LF of gravity sewer pipe; 7,600 LF of forcemain; eight (8) new pump stations and renovations to an existing lift station.
  • 21,800 LF of 8” PVC and DIP gravity sewer pipe

  • 12,870 LF of 6” PVC and DIP gravity sewer pipe

  • 3,050 LF of 4” PVC forcemain

  • 2,750 LF of 2” PVC forcemain

  • 1,825 LF of 1-1/4” PE forcemain

  • 250 Precast Concrete Manholes

  • Three (3) Duplex Submersible Non-Clog Pump Stations

  • Three (3) Emergency Generators

  • Four (4) Duplex Grinder Pump Stations

  • Two (2) Simplex Grinder Pump Stations

  • Renovations of an existing Pump Station

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