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Corporation of Shepherdstown

Water Treatment Plant Upgrade
Shepherdstown WTP PIPE
Shepherdstown Filter
In 2020, Ghosh Engineers updated the Water Source Protection Plan for Shepherdstown. As part of this plan, an alternate raw water source (Town Run) was identified to be utilized as a secondary source for the water treatment plant. The challenge of this design was to maximize limited space in the existing treatment facility to incorporate the new treatment components along with making needed improvements while maintaining uninterrupted water service. Ghosh Engineers’ provided design services to upgrade the existing 800 GPM water treatment plant consisting of a new 800 GPM raw water pump station on Town Run; replace the existing raw water pumps and controls; remove and replace filter media, valves and controls; new sludge removal equipment in the existing Pre-Sedimentation basin; UV disinfection; and upgrade the SCADA system. The design and bidding phase services are complete. Ghosh worked with the Owner to secure funding for this project.The construction phase began in October 2021 and is anticipated to be complete May 2023.
  •   Raw water pump replacement and VFD installation

  •   Alternate raw water source intake and pump station (800 GPM)

  •   New filter controls

  •   UV disinfection

  •   New Pre-Sed basin sludge removal equipment

  •   Emergency generator

  •   SCADA system

REPEAT CLIENT SATISFACTION: Ghosh Engineers’ project manager, Jeff Ekstrom, has worked for the Corporation of Shepherdstown on numerous projects since 2007.

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