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City of Follansbee, WV

Water System Improvements Project 
Follansbee WSI - PIPE
Follansbee WSI - TANKS
This project involved merging two distribution systems – one surface water plant at Hooverson Heights PSD and one groundwater treatment plant in the downtown area of the City of Follansbee. The systems are merged by carefully creating hydraulic zones whereby the two independent systems complement each other to reduce O&M costs and increase redundancy. The pumping capacity was increased from 700 GPM to 1,000 GPM at both treatment plants. In addition, a new 10” water line was installed between the 1.5 MG tank and the Follansbee plant to allow the distribution of water to the Hooverson Heights service area from the plant.
  • 4.2 miles of waterline extensions

  • 827,000-gallon water storage tank

  • 696,000-gallon water storage tank

  • Two (2) 1.5 MG water storage tanks

  • 15 connections to existing distribution system

  • 60 customers

  • Three (3) booster station upgrades

  • One (1) new booster station

REPEAT CLIENT SATISFACTION: Ghosh Engineers has worked for the City of Follansbee on numerous projects since 1992.

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