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City of Follansbee, WV

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Separation
The collection system for the entire downtown Follansbee area along WV Route 2 is a combined sewer system. The main collection lines carry both sanitary and stormwater and convey them to the wastewater treatment plant. Almost all houses and businesses in the area discharge roof drains into the collection system. Due to the age of the combined sewer system and increased intensity and frequency of rain events, the City experiences street flooding, rapid deterioration of the North and South pump stations, basement flooding, and wet-weather overflows to the Ohio River. The City currently experiences high amounts of inflow & infiltration (I&I) due to the combined sewer system. The separation of the combined sewer system will reduce the amount of inflow in the sanitary sewer system and reduce the amount of flow to the wastewater treatment facility. The design phase of this project is complete and the city is waiting on awarded federal grant money to be allocated prior to construction phase. This project will allow the city to comply with its Long-Term Control Plan (LTCP).

REPEAT CLIENT SATISFACTION: Ghosh Engineers has worked for the City of Follansbee on numerous water and wastewater projects since 1992.

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